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Globally, our vision is to be an honourable company that delivers comfort to those in need and creates inspiration and opportunity for those who want to improve their world.
Across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) every day we strive to create world-class experiences and entertainment that promote quality moments of togetherness and inspiration. We believe that it is the power of these moments that can make a difference. Through our brand, storytelling and characters we can inspire and create

Moments that Matter to help build emotional resilience for children.


Since Walt Disney visited Great Ormond Street Hospital UK in 1951, Disney has been bringing comfort and inspiration to seriously ill children across our region. From magical experiences and visits from our much-loved characters, to the joy and escapism of the latest film and entertainment, in partnership with children’s hospitals, hospices and wish granting charities we harness the power of our stories and characters to re-imagine spaces and transform children’s experiences. Through moments of togetherness we can create Moments that Matter, strengthening bonds between children and those closest to them.

Unforgettable Shared Experiences

We believe that the power of our storytelling and shared magical moments can help build resilience for children who are often socially isolated. From premier screenings of the latest Disney film to adapted theatrical performances of our hit muscials, we strive to create unforgettable experiences, in a safe, shared environment, that children and those closest to them can relax and enjoy together.

Moments Through Collaboration

At Disney we recognise it takes a team to make a significant impact, and in addition to a charity partner, we often collaborate with local business partners to maximise our collective efforts. By leveraging the strength of our partnerships we are able to raise public awareness, donations and long-term support for our cause, enabling charities and organisations who help build emotional resilience every day to create more Moments that Matter for children and those closest to them.

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Building a Bigger Voice for Emotional Resilience

We believe that emotional resilience is a basic human right for all children, and that in times of difficulty, Disney can contribute by delivering moments of comfort and inspiration. However the impact of social isolation on children’s resilience is a relatively untold story. Through credibility and the strength of our brand, we aim to connect charities, providers and experts together to work collaboratively on building a bigger voice for children and those closest to them.

Charitable Programmes News


We believe that for children’s emotional resilience to flourish we need to support the communities to which they belong. Currently celebrating its 35th anniversary, the Disney VoluntEARS programme provides our employees both team and skills-based engagement through our local community partners across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Youth Development

Creativity is at the heart of the Disney brand. We seek to inspire young people to develop their thinking, innovation and entrepreneurial skills to help them create the futures they imagine.

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Unlocking Potential

Disney works closely with community partners who help children and young people who have become isolated through circumstance. It is through the power of storytelling and musical theatre that Disney can create unique moments and opportunities that will help them grow in confidence and achieve their potential.

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Charitable Giving

Through contributions, collaborations, in-kind donations and our employee’s local community engagement, Disney is proud to enrich the lives of children and their families when they need us most.

If you are a charitable organisation seeking support from Disney, please review our charitable giving guidelines:

View Charitable Giving Guidelines

Request Charitable Support

Charitable Giving Guidelines

If you are a charitable organisation seeking support from Disney, please review our charitable giving guidelines:

View Charitable Giving Guidelines

Request Charitable Support