For nearly a century, Disney has created stories that celebrate the wonders of the world we all share. We are building on our legacy of storytelling to help write the next chapter for our planet. We are lowering the impact of our operations, leading in wildlife care and conservation, and telling stories that will inspire action.


Our focus areas are:

  • Reducing our Emissions
  • Protecting Water Resources
  • Using & Wasting Less
  • Sourcing Lower Impact Products
  • Building for Lower Impact

More information on our 2030 goals can be found below

Annual CSR Report

View Disney 2030 Environmental Goals White Paper

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We support scalable projects developed using peer-reviewed protocols grounded in science and resulting in verified emissions reductions. Since 2009, Disney has invested nearly $100 million in over 30 projects that are addressing climate change and providing co-benefits like conserving habitat for wildlife, creating jobs, protecting water resources, and reducing impacts from floods and soil erosion.

For more information read our Sourcing and Use Policy.

View Sourcing and Use Policy


You can find out more about our intentions and progress in our annual Social Responsibility Report. Readers may also be interested in our Live Animals in Entertainment Policy.

View Social Responsibility Report

View Disney Live Animals in Entertainment Policy