At Disney, we remain deeply committed to operating with integrity, taking care of our people, and doing good in our world as we grow our businesses.

Read on to further explore our commitments and policies to create a better world through our stories, experiences, operations and philanthropy.

For more information on our global approach, policies and people read The Walt Disney Company CSR Report.


At Disney, we foster a culture where employees are inspired and empowered to do their best work.  

We are home to some of the most exceptional, extraordinary people. We are where creativity meets opportunity and careers are a journey of accomplishment and celebration. We work together, and thrive together, in making Disney one of the world’s most recognised, respected, and well-regarded entertainment companies. 

For more information on our global approach, policies and people read The Walt Disney Company CSR Report.


Our Standards of Business Conduct apply to all employees and provide resources and tools to promote ethical conduct and compliance with the law. We regularly engage our leaders and employees on these Standards through training and other forms of communication, and employees and cast members can report ethical concerns internally.



We deliver content through multiple channels, including our own digital offerings. Our internal policies and practices promote safety within our digital experiences. We also provide parents with controls and recommendations so that they can have the information they need to choose the content and experiences right for their families.



Responsible sourcing is an important focus of Disney’s overall corporate social responsibility efforts. We are committed to respecting human rights, reducing the environmental footprint of the supply chain, monitoring the safety and integrity of products, promoting supplier diversity, and working in collaboration with others to meet our objectives.


Nutrition Guideline Policy


Promotions and Sponsorships: All Disney-controlled, kid-oriented promotions and sponsorships will comply with Nutrition Guideline Criteria. 

Advertising: All food and beverage advertising on kid-focused media platforms will be with foods that comply with Nutrition Guideline Criteria. 

Licensing: 85% of global licensed food/nutrition portfolio will be foods that meet Nutrition criteria, no more than 15% will be treats, and no marketing of treats permitted. 

Parks and Resorts: At Disneyland Paris, 100% of kids meals default to a healthier drink and side and 50% of kids’ meals feature Disney Check.

Consumer Engagement: Content and tools to inspire kids and families to eat right, get active, and be their best.

Promoting healthier products


Our guidelines and policies governing our products, experiences, and communications are designed to promote the digital and physical safety of children, give parents the ability to decide on the appropriate experiences for their families, and encourage children to make good choices. 

We are also intentional about how we promote healthy food and beverages to kids through our European and South African Nutrition Guidelines Policy. These guidelines apply to our Studio promotions, food and beverage licensing, third-party advertising on our kids’ networks, and kids’ meals in Disney Parks. Ongoing reviews of these global guidelines help us reflect up-to-date dietary guidance and consider the evolving social and scientific understanding of children’s physical and digital lives. 

Our Nutrition Guideline Policyguides our promotion of healthier foods and beverages to kids and families. These guidelines apply to our studio promotions, food and beverage licensing, third-party advertising on our kids networks, and kids meals in our Disney Parks. They are reviewed on an ongoing basis to help us reflect up-to-date guidance and consider the evolving social and scientific understanding of children’s physical and digital lives. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Walt Disney Company is committed to developing and retaining a diverse workforce, fostering a company culture that is welcoming and respectful, creating content and experiences that resonate with our global audiences, and collaborating with community organisations to make our industries more accessible to all.

Our People BERGS_image_14.07.23

Disney is proud to support a large network of Business Employee Resource Groups (BERGs), our voluntary, employee-led groups formed around shared identity, interests, and pursuits. BERGs are key partners in cultivating an inclusive culture and a sense of belonging for Disney employees. They offer opportunities to network with peers, participate in outreach and mentoring programs, acquire new skills, enhance leadership capabilities, and drive cross-cultural business innovation. Our BERGs help facilitate inclusive conversations, creating space for employees to come together to share their experiences and show their support.


At Disney, volunteerism is a central and enduring part of our company’s culture and at the heart of our community engagement efforts. Our employees and cast members are passionate and involved citizens in their local communities and around the world, contributing their time and talents to causes great and small.


Disney offers a competitive rewards package that includes pay, health, and savings benefits, time-off programs, family-building solutions, educational opportunities, and more—all designed to make each employee feel valued and cared for.  

Together, these rewards make up a comprehensive package that helps employees live their best lives, grow personally and professionally, and take advantage of the special extras that only Disney can provide—such as theme park admission, merchandise discounts, and more.

Three member of family working together

We have enhanced our mental health solutions by expanding our Employee Assistance Program to offer access to Unmind (an app to support mental health and wellbeing), facilitated the training for our human resources staff on mental health topics as well as offering employees across the business the chance to become a Mental Health First Aider. Our healthcare facilities are emblematic of best-in-class care, providing Disney employees, Cast Members, and their family members with quality well-being programmes and health services in a caring, convenient, and accessible manner. With the introduction of virtual health services and resources, Disney is making it even easier to get, stay, and be well.

Workplace Safety

The safety and well-being of our employees is a top priority in the decisions we make. We promote a culture of safety through the numerous quality assurance programs and safety standards we’ve established. For example, our Standards of Business Conduct include the process to report safety concerns and incidents.  

We have dedicated safety professionals in areas such as COVID safety, food safety, ride safety, occupational safety, public health, training and development, and more. To help minimise workplace safety risks, we train employees on the safety aspects of their jobs and empower them to address any safety concerns immediately.

Learning and Talent Development

We continue to prioritize the ongoing development of our workforce, offering an array of opportunities to encourage our employees to be the best versions of themselves, professionally and personally. Disney offers a multitude of learning and talent programs, including but not limited to, online, instructor-led, and on-the-job opportunities, as well as leadership development.


The Walt Disney Company takes a holistic approach to addressing and ensuring gender equality in our workforce. We are proud of the percentage of women we employ across the organisation and that we compensate and promote people based on their roles, experience and performance.
To read our 2023 Gender Pay Report, please click on the below PDF.