Disney releases Encanto’s We Don’t Talk About Bruno As a British Sign Language music video To celebrate International Day of Sign Languages on September 23rd

In celebration of the International Day of Sign Languages on September 23rd, Walt Disney Records has collaborated with the Deaf Talent Collective and Universal Music Group to transform Encanto’s smash hit We Don’t Talk About Bruno as its second British Sign Language (BSL) video.

Accessible via the DisneyMusicVEVO YouTube Channel the seven characters that appear in the song are signed by Asnath Losala, Jayden Reid and Tianah Hodding. These three signers leverage their acting skills and musicality to translate each character, bringing the song to a whole new audience. A runaway success with audiences, the original version of We Don’t Talk About Bruno has been streamed over 230 million times in the UK and 3.4 billion times globally.

Commenting on the launch, Tobi St Clair, Founder & Co-Director, Deaf Talent Collective said ‘For a platform like Disney to make their content accessible by adding subtitles and BSL translations really makes a difference. It is so important for children to watch content and see themselves represented and that is such a huge part of the story line with Encanto.

Nancy Coburn, Walt Disney Records added ‘Disney has always prided itself on its inclusive and authentic stories, and so we’re so pleased to release our second BSL Encanto video, ensuring it is accessible to the deaf community.

The BSL version of We Don’t Talk About Bruno follows the success of Encanto’s hit song Surface Pressure. Released in July 2022, the BSL edition of Surface Pressure reached deaf communities all over the world and has garnered over 280,000 views on YouTube.

See the We Don’t Talk About Bruno BSL video here.

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