Disney Italia International Women’s Week 2017

A journey into a woman’s world from professional achievements to both family and sports challenges passing through a compelling Art Exhibition.

From March 6th to 10th, 2017 The Walt Disney Company Italia celebrated the International Women’s Week with 5 days entirely dedicated to women’s world topics. The event, addressed to The Walt Disney Company Italia employees, featured stories and historic case studies about successful women’s achievements and challenges in sport, work and show biz. The event is part of the activities developed by The Walt Disney Company around the topic of diversity, focusing on the specific traits of each individual, and on this occasion with a focus on the meaning of being a woman in contemporary society.

Disney Italia International Women’s Week 2017 Art

External speakers’ speeches, panels, debates and round tables actively involved the employees. The 2017 edition of the International Women’s Week was characterised by a photographic internal competition that gave the employees the opportunity to express their own idea and their own interpretation of the female world through their own shots. The photographs, representing the essence of the woman from the artistic and personal point of view of each participant, were exhibited in The Walt Disney Company Italia headquarter, and evaluated by a professional photographic exhibitions curator. The author of the photo selected as the most iconic, was eligible for a photography course.

The event was a success, with the participation of about two-thirds of the company employees, involving both male and female audiences.