Disneyland Paris Reveals First Look at Epic New Show for Its Incredible Marvel Summer of Super Heroes Season

This summer, Marvel Super Heroes are landing at Walt Disney Studios Park for the Marvel Summer of Super Heroes season at Disneyland Paris. Spider-Man, Black Panther, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow and the Guardians of the Galaxy will all be there for another never-before-seen season, with multiple shows and experiences that promise to be epic! A brand new innovative stage show will be the main event, giving guests a truly immersive experience with their favourite Super Heroes.

This seasonal event is the beginning of a broader, long-term presence of the Marvel universe at Disneyland Paris, including a new Marvel-themed area and attraction, as well as the first Disney Hotel to showcase the thrilling world of the Avengers, Spider-Man and more rolling out in 2020. These new Marvel experiences are just one of the ways Walt Disney Parks and Resorts continues to bring immersive worlds to life for guests around the globe.

Marvel: Super Heroes United- a spectacular innovative production:

Among the new additions for this summer, the Marvel: Super Heroes United show will bring together favourite Marvel Super Heroes for a new live show with cutting-edge technology. This live-action super-production mixes a huge 400 m² stage with one of the biggest LED screens in Europe, incredible special effects and, for the first time, in a Disney Park, the indoor use of drones beneath unbelievable aerial choreography for a truly spectacular show.

Imagine… You’re sitting in your chair with projections all around you, before some of the biggest Marvel Super Heroes on the stage, surrounded by breath-taking special effects for a unique and immersive experience. Marvel: Super Heroes United uses the latest technology to create a fully-immersive world.

The magic of video projections allows guests to move between worlds. You will travel with Doctor Strange to the “Sanctum Sanctorum,” visit Dr. Abraham Erskine’s lab (creator of the Super Soldier Serum used by Steve Rogers aka Captain America), and even enter the sanctuary of the evil villain Thanos.

In this brand new story, Thanos will bring trouble to the Avengers and their allies after finding a way to manipulate them, turning them against one another. Thanos succeeds in distracting the Avengers from their top priority which is to protect all mankind. Luckily, the Heroes will unite to thwart his evil plans.With a few more twists and turns the ultimate battle between good and evil prevails.

Backstage at… Marvel: Super Heroes United:

  • A huge stage measuring over 400 m²
  • A projection area measuring 1,000 m²
  • One of Europe’s largest LED screens
  • An 180° video experience with over 30 video projectors
  • Special effects and scenic pyrotechnics
  • 80 light projectors and moving stage sets The Studio Theatre at Walt Disney Studios Park has been completely reimagined to welcome this show and its cutting-edge technology
  • From initial studies to the end of construction, this project will involve almost 300 professionals
  • During the season, the show will be performed up to 5 times per day

The Marvel Summer of Super Heroes seasonal event will be at Walt Disney Studios Park every day from 10th June through to 30th September 2018.

A Growing Marvel Presence at Disneyland Paris:
In February, The Walt Disney Company announced plans for a 2 billion euro, multi-year expansion for Disneyland Paris. The new development will include a transformation of the Walt Disney Studios Park, adding three new areas that are based on Marvel, Frozen and Star Wars, along with multiple new attractions and live entertainment experiences.

Additionally, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith will be completely re-imagined into a new Marvel-themed attraction whereriders will team up with Iron Man and their favourite Avengers on a high-speed, hyper-kinetic adventure.

And Disney’s Hotel New York will soon be re-imagined to become ‘Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel’, becoming the first Disney Hotel to showcase the thrilling world of the Avengers. With exclusive artwork and a new design, it will be a residence fit for Tony Stark himself.