Disneynature France celebrates Earth Month

Disneynature launches various initiatives in France throughout April to celebrate Earth Month.

Earth Month is a very specific and important moment during the year for the development of the Disneynature brand. We want our audience to discover, learn, be amazed and fall in love with the beauty of the planet and therefore, to care for and protect it.

Earth month falls in April during springtime, the best time of year to connect people with nature and protect the environment.

In 2018, Disneynature will celebrate its Tenth Anniversary.

2018 is an important year for Disneynature as Blue is due to release in France on March 28th, calling for a specific focus on oceans.

2018 will see a range of Disneynature initiatives launched in honour of Earth Month:

Disneyland Paris: 1-30 April:

Disneyland Paris will hold a pre-show before its Illuminations. Disneynature and Disneyland Paris will partner on a sound and light show with Disneynature featuring stills from our films.

The illuminations will once again be themed around the ocean to support the release of Blue

Other initiatives are also being planned with special screenings of Bluefor DLP cast members and a variety of playful and educational content being created for customers.

Disneynature Photo Challenge:

Disneynature has also planned a project that will offer a playful experience for children with the purpose of connecting them with nature.

Disneynature Photo Challenge is a photography competition dedicated to children, undertaken by a famous wildlife photographer who advises on “how to photograph wildlife”.

Every year, the children are invited to find and photograph nature close to where they live (even in cities, where there is biodiversity).

The 10 winners have the chance to have their photos published on our website, Zoom, by Disneynature on social channels and print in our magazine “Le Journal de Mickey”. As well as this, they will win a selection of Disneynature products.