Helpful Tips for Safer Internet Day 2019

Tuesday 5th February is #SaferInternetDay2019 and to celebrate, Disney have worked with Childnet International to bring some helpful advice on staying safe online.

Disney and Childnet International collaborated to make the below video on staying safe online to celebrate the release of Ralph Breaks the Internet last year. The video features Nick Gardener, CEO of Childnet International as well as the voices of Ralph and Vanellope, Sarah Silverman and John C. Reilly, co-directors Phil Johnston and Rich Moore and other influencers and fans giving their best tips on staying safe on the internet. Watch on YouTube to find out more.

To recap, here is a list of advice for parents and carers to ensure children stay safe online:

If your child is online, make sure to have regular conversations with them about what they are doing and watching online. It is important that children are aware that it is not safe to share personal information online and that they know to report anything suspicious.

Ensure that strict parental controls are in place on your child’s device so that they are not exposed to any harmful material online.

It is also important that your child knows to ask permission to go online and before posting anything or using websites they haven’t used before.

Children should also be aware that if they are unsure about anything on the internet they should always ask an adult for advice.