Let’s Reset: Disney EMEA supports The Film & TV Charity behaviour change campaign to champion better mental health

Today, The Film & TV Charity is launching a new campaign to tackle the mental health challenges facing the industry. ‘Let’s Reset’ is a 12-month campaign designed to tackle the stigma still associated with mental health by challenging common preconceptions, improving attitudes and behaviours across the industry, and by demonstrating the benefits of healthier, more supported, and inclusive working environments, including greater creativity, diversity, and retention of talent.

The Let’s Reset campaign launches with the support of the organisations, including The Walt Disney Company EMEA, that make up The Film and TV Charity’s mental health Task Force, and other leading bodies and organisations from across the industry, who are pledging to support and amplify a frank and open conversation about the meaningful changes needed to support mental health and wellbeing.

In 2020, when the charity announced its response to The Looking Glass Survey, its data showed as many as 9 in 10 people working behind the scenes in film and TV had experienced a mental health problem – well above the UK average – with stark evidence showing that working conditions, industry culture and lack of accessible support create conditions which mean mental health and wellbeing suffer. High incidences of bullying, racism and harassment have intensified the situation, and indicative results from an update to the Looking Glass Survey predict that the number of people feeling that the intensity of work is having a negative effect on their mental health has risen by almost 20% to four in five in the last 12 months. The update to the survey also indicates that only 10% of those working in the industry believe it is a mentally healthy place to work.

The Let’s Reset campaign seeks to show individuals working in film and TV that the commitment to improving the industry’s mental health and wellbeing comes from the top down, with senior leaders showcasing their support for the campaign and pledging to:

  • Directly address underlying causes of poor mental health
  • Encourage open discussion to challenge unhealthy behaviours
  • Put specific support in place, including clear signposting of The Film and TV Charity’s growing suite of support services available to anybody working behind the scenes in film, TV, or cinema
  • Highlight the work being done internally and build on work being done by other organisations including BECTU, BAFTA, BFI, Coalition for Change, ScreenSkills and beyond

Rooted in behavioural science and co-created in consultation with individuals and organisations from across the industry, the campaign will move from awareness-raising in the initial launch phase to showcasing and amplifying tools and initiatives to improve the support available, while continuing to address the root causes of the mental health and wellbeing emergency in the industry through to September 2022.

Lee Jury, Senior Vice President of Studio Marketing, Disney EMEA, said: “We fully support the need for change and it’s fantastic to see the backing the Let’s Reset campaign is getting across the whole industry. Positive employee wellbeing and mental health is a huge priority for us at Disney but there’s so much more we can all do, so we encourage everyone to get behind this initiative, spread the word and to continue championing better mental health for all.”    

Alex Pumfrey, CEO of The Film & TV Charity, said: “People in the film & TV industry are passionate about their craft, but their mental health is too often being strained to breaking point. Unhealthy working hours, bad practices, bullying, racism, harassment, and ableism are too common in an industry we all love, and all of us have a role to play in speaking up to create change. It’s time to come together and reset by putting our mental health centre-stage and committing to changing a culture that impacts us all. The Let’s Reset campaign is also an opportunity to ensure individuals are made aware of the support that is available. Yes, the charity’s own services, including brand new resources to support the wellbeing of freelancers who too often feel unsupported, but also the excellent work from partners across the industry, such as the guidance to prevent bullying, harassment and racism put in place by BFI and BAFTA, the recent publication of the Freelancer’s Charter by the Coalition for Change, essential training from Screenskills, and the support available from BECTU, to name just a few. It’s also a critical moment for senior leaders to showcase their own meaningful commitments to protect and support their people.”

Business can find out how to support the Let’s Reset campaign and help to shape the future of TV and film by visiting www.filmandtvcharity.org.uk/letsreset. Individuals can also find access to all of the charity’s support services, including the brand-new resources designed specifically for freelancers. 

Anyone working in the film and TV industry who needs support can call the 24/7 Support Line on 0800 054 0000 to ask for professional advice and be connected with the best person to help. Let’s Reset.

About The Film & TV Charity

The Film & TV Charity is working behind the scenes of the UK film, TV, and cinema industry, from research to writing, through casting and production, to editing, sales, distribution, and exhibition, supporting the lives of everyone involved.

Founded in the early days of cinema in 1924, the charity is approaching its centenary year. Today, it is pleased to be able to offer a wide range of financial, practical, and emotional support to people who have talent, spark and dedication and yet find obstacles in their way.

The Film & TV Charity’s support services are free, completely confidential, and totally independent. Its online resources, events and directories also offer individuals opportunities to be part of a community while protecting their own mental health and wellbeing. For further information visit The Film & TV Charity or call the Support Line on 0800 054 0000.