Local Spanish Production ‘Un Dos Chef’ uses comedy to make healthy eating fun for the whole family

Un Dos Chef is a local Spanish Disney Channel production committed to promoting and educating families on healthy eating.

As part of Disney EMEA’s ongoing Healthy Living initiative, Un Dos Chef was launched locally on Disney channel in Spain, with the intention of changing perceptions on healthy eating and encouraging families to cook healthier meals at home.

Un Dos Chef is a family entertainment show targeting both families and children. The show regularly hosts local Spanish talent to connect with this audience and encourage viewers to acknowledge the importance of healthy eating.

The show begins with a challenge that a celebrity presents to the hosts: to prepare a type of food that they really can’t stand in such a way that they end up liking it. The Un Dos Chef team use exquisite recipes that are so delicious that the guests can’t help but change their minds on the healthy food product they previously hated.

The fourth season aired on Disney Channel in March 2017 and saw a group of exciting new presenters take to the kitchen to create fresh recipes. Chef Paula and new kitchen helper, Canco Rodríguez, will be accompanied by Andi, a very fresh and playful puppet. All three will form the perfect team! Paula, Canco and Andi will have to make the guests adore an ingredient they once hated.

With this local production, Disney has renewed its goal of raising awareness and informed its viewers about the positive impact of a balanced diet fora person’s health. In addition to being able to enjoy healthy recipes during each show, families will be able to make the dishes later at home, thus consolidating new and healthy habits.