Ragna ‘Rocks’ the Global Box Office

Thor: Ragnarok #1 Global Movie.

Smashing into the US box office this weekend Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok caused an almighty storm, grossing an estimated $120m.

In the UK, the Norse God continues to strike lightning having surpassed the £20m mark after just less than two weeks on release. This weekend alone the film took £4.6m at the box office hot on the heels of new opener Murder on the Orient Express. After just 13 days of release in the UK Thor: Ragnarok surpassed the lifetime of both Thor: The Dark World’s and Captain America: The Winter Solider.

In Ireland Thor: Ragnarok has already banked over €2m and remained the number one film of the weekend.The latest instalment from Marvels Cinematic Universe electrified press and audiences with its humour, colour, wit and fun, being certified as fresh with a massive 93% on Rotten Tomatoes;

‘Possibly the funniest superhero movie ever made’ –UniLad

‘Laugh until your ribs are Thor’ – NME 4*

‘The boldest, most outrageously fun film Marvel has yet produced’ –Empire 4*

‘Funny, charming, dazzling’ –Telegraph 4*

‘Kaleidoscopically colourful –The BBC 4*

‘You’ll laugh yourself Norse’ –The Times 4*