Young Designers from The Prince’s Trust launch new Marvel-inspired products

The Walt Disney Company, in collaboration with The Prince’s Trust, is proud to showcase the launch of an exciting new range of MARVEL-inspired products designed by a group of talented young designers. Together, MARVEL and The Prince’s Trust aim to provide mentorship and support to young individuals from diverse backgrounds who aspire to pursue careers in product design and the creative industries. The launch of these collections not only celebrates the talent and dedication of the young designers but also marks the third collection of the three-year partnership between MARVEL, The Prince’s Trust, and Disney.

As part of this initiative, a week-long programme gave participants invaluable insights from industry experts, hands-on working sessions, and skills-based learning opportunities. Throughout the programme, participants delved into the intricacies of the product lifecycle, gaining knowledge in design, production, manufacture, commercial planning, and marketing.

Disney, through its ongoing commitment to supporting young designers, has donated £100,000 to The Prince’s Trust, totalling £300,000 over three years, helping more young people reach their potential.

Dan Scott, Vice President of Marketing for Disney Consumer Products, said: “We believe in the epic possibilities of embracing our differences and treating them as superpowers. Through this three-year programme, we have aimed to empower young people to unleash their creative potential, build essential skills, and pursue their dreams in product design and beyond.”

Sophie Morrell, Director of Partnerships at The Prince’s Trust, added: “We are really pleased to have collaborated with MARVEL to empower these young designers. This partnership not only fosters creativity but also provides invaluable opportunities for personal and professional growth.”

In total, the print on demand collections include 36 items across apparel, accessories, and wall art, showcasing the participants’ creativity and passion for the MARVEL Universe. Learn more about each of the young designers and their designs below.

Adam | Age 22, North London

“The programme was brilliant. I enjoyed engaging with like-minded people who share a passion for MARVEL and creativity. There were no egos in the room, everyone was there to support each other and be part of a fun experience. Seeing the final products we had created was a special highlight.”

Diamond | Age 22, East London

“Participating in this opportunity with The Prince’s Trust taught me the importance of trying new things, and even if an opportunity doesn’t fit exactly what you had in mind – you should still go for it. I also learnt that the power of enthusiasm can take you a long way.”

Fayzal | Age 22, East London

“I’d encourage anyone who is thinking about participating in an opportunity like this, to do it. I had felt directionless before this programme, but this opportunity helped me see what it is possible to achieve.”

Ian | Age 20, South West London

“When I heard about the opportunity to work with MARVEL – I automatically said yes! This has been a dream come true. I’ve been into super heroes, MARVEL and comic books for so long – one day I would love to develop a new character or MARVEL game!”

Justin | Age 22, North West London

“One of the most important things I learnt was [that] there is always an opportunity to learn from new experiences which feed your interests and that there is no timeline on success.”

Kiara | Age 19, East London

“This experience has broadened my scope of what’s out there. I learnt that there is an actual role titled ‘Creative’ – you can be paid to be ‘creative’ – which is brilliant. I received lots of help from people [around me] and I’m so excited by the designs I created.”

Nathaniel | Age 22, East London

“Building confidence has been a great highlight. Everyone has been so supportive and encouraging, it’s been great to see everyone’s creative side and the ideas they’ve come up with. Everyone has been so friendly and kind.”

Oscar | Age 22, South West London

“It was an uplifting experience to be around new people, with positive attitudes. I’m also very passionate about MARVEL, in fact, I’m a creative because of MARVEL, so this opportunity allowed me to reconnect with my passion for animation.”

Patricia | Age 29, North West London

“The best part of this whole experience was coming to the programme, completing a fantastic project and being around other MARVEL super fans. Even though presentations were initially scary, I built my confidence and felt good presenting my ideas by the end of the programme.”

Rameez | Age 25, South West London

Sophia | Age 30, North London

“I’m very grateful to have been part of this course. To say I’ve worked with The Prince’s Trust and MARVEL on such a creative project is almost surreal and an opportunity that not many others can say they’ve been part of. It’s opened doors, helped me so much and fast tracked opportunities to work with leading brands in the future.”

Salman | Age 22, North West London